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October 14, 2020
Buhardilla dormitorio diseñada con Newport

How to turn your attic into a special place

Their sloping ceilings, their beams as a decorative element or their windows open to the sun and the stars. We do not know exactly what makes attics magical places, but we do know that taking advantage of this space is a great idea. You can design incredible environments where you can stay and live.

At Venis Porcelanosa Grupo we want you to get the most out of every corner of your home, so we have left you some attics that we have designed with our ceramic collections to inspire you.

Open plan attics

When the attic is your home or you have a very large area, it is advisable to design it as clear as possible. Its low ceilings can give a feeling of ‘oppression’ so counteract it with the lack of walls.

Use white as the main color to reinforce the brightness and mix it with gray or beige colors on the floor to create a very subtle contrast. The touch of color will be provided by the decorative accessories.

Remember that the beams -usually made of wood- are a perfect decoration complement to give personality.

Buhardilla diseñada con Newport by Venis

Well-used bathrooms

If you think of an attic you probably won’t imagine a bathroom, but why not? It’s a perfect way to make the most of the space and turn it into a practical place. 

Whether you want a bath or a shower, you can design a fully functional bathroom despite the sloping ceilings. You will appreciate the natural light that comes in through the window and will help you to isolate yourself.

If this option convinces you, you will have to consider some decorative aspects like placing the washbasin and mirror in front of the window, the bathtub in the most pronounced part of the inclination of the ceiling and to choose smooth colors to harness the amplitude.

Ceramic with a stone finish like our Ocean collection guarantees you natural and peaceful spaces.

Baño buhardilla diseñado con Ocean

Charming attics

Although sometimes you may think it’s a wasted surface, attics can be transformed into any space you want; from living rooms to small libraries or play areas for the kids in the house.

In this typology of attics, windows cannot be missing either, since they are an essential requirement to achieve a habitable and attractive room.

In these cases, the most common is to ‘close’ the attic to the rest of the house with a glass railing. As it is not totally separated, all the connected spaces must follow the same decorative style.

The floor and wall will mark the continuity so choose a material that can be used in all types of rooms. We recommend light-colored ceramics with a cement finish such as Newport.

Altillo diseñado con Newport

Glass for ceiling and wall

If the structure of the house allows it, get as close as you can to the clouds. Install windows on the wall and part of the ceiling to open up completely to the sky and take advantage of sunlight.

During the day, you will hardly need any light spots inside and at night you will enjoy the stars.

Our bet for this type of spaces is the classic and sober style with pastel shades so as not to take away the prominence of the windows. Velvet combined with furniture with metallic touches (like the gold of the side tables) radiates elegance.

Salones en la buhardilla

Moonlight nights

Sleeping under the stars and moonlight is a feeling that not everyone can experience. Only the attics offer that luxury that will help you rest better and disconnect from everything that has happened during the day.

The ceramic wood of Porcelanosa Grupo adapts to any style you want to give the room. In this case, Starwood Tanzania Nut floor and wall tiles combined with white (main wall, bed and furniture) to provide brightness.

Dream bedrooms.

Dormitorio buhardilla diseñado con Tanzania Nut
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Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.