Trends Fireplaces for every style of living room

November 4, 2020
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Fireplaces for every style of living room

Fireplaces, with their natural charm, help you turn a cold day into an idyllic scene; an afternoon reading your favorite book with the heat from the fireplace while the snowflakes don’t stop outside. Although this situation is very common to see in the movies, with the advances in design and decoration it is possible to live it in your living room. There are fireplaces for all sizes and styles.

In today’s blog we show you different options so that you can renew the image of the living area now that temperatures are falling dramatically, and winter is looming. Remember, too, to check the radiators throughout the house and the insulation on the doors and windows so that heat doesn’t escape.

Stove mode

Modern fireplaces or stoves are common in mountain homes where you can enjoy the coldest days of winter sheltered and where the rustic style usually prevails. One of their main features is the evacuation pipe up to the ceiling as it is always in the open. This pipe is usually cylindrical in shape, but in the most modern designs, straight lines are used.

Wood stoves are usually made of metal, iron, or steel.

Salón Newport

Fireplaces with glass screen

The fireplace with glass screen or designed with stainless steel is one of the latest innovations for minimalist style spaces. In both cases, its simple and discreet structure will allow it to blend in with the environment, becoming yet another element of decoration.

Accompany it with a space to place the firewood. On many occasions, the place to keep these logs is neglected and can be even more striking than the fireplace itself.

Separation of rooms

In large spaces, the fireplace can become a perfect option to divide two areas within a room. For example, distinguish the living room from the dining room.

This alternative is mainly aimed at those daring people who want to give a more modern touch to the room, since you will have to create a large structure around the fire that will take all the attention. Take advantage of this structure to design your own mini-library or gain storage capacity with drawers and cupboards as we have done in our Newport-covered living room.

In addition to being a separation accessory, you must take into account that this option will allow you to heat the two parts of the space more quickly.

Salón Newport Beige

Classic style

Wood fireplace, placed in the center of the living room and with a wide and overloaded structure. This is the classic fireplace that to this day is still the main option for many decorators and interior designers.

This choice is perfect if you are looking for an elegant, sober, and stately living room.

In the case of the wood-burning fireplace, you must take into account that it is the most expensive alternative to install and that the possibility of installing it will depend on the construction of the building since you will need a smoke outlet.

Salón Vela Smoked

Outdoor fireplace

Why not heating the terrace or the porch? Enjoying sunshine during the day or the stars at night doesn’t have to be a summer privilege. In winter you can also make use of the outside with a few little tricks; keep the rattan or wicker furniture but use decorative elements that adapt it to the time of year. Putting a blanket, adding extra cushions, or leaving the kettle dishes on display are some ideas.

As for the fireplace, go for an elegant design but integrated into the environment so that during the summer does not attract too much attention. The electric fireplace built with ceramic material is a safe option because it will remain intact in the rain, moisture, incidence of sun or other atmospheric conditions and will help you achieve visual continuity with the rest of the covering.

You can use the same collection on the wall and fireplace to make it more subtle or combine two different models to play with the depth as we have done in our particular terrace where we have installed the ceramic wood Tanzania Natural and Newport Dark Gray cement finish.

Don’t forget to have several points of low consumption, warm light so that the space is well lit every hour of the day.

Chimenea exterior Newport Dark Gray

Decorative fireplace

If you are one of those who wants to have a fireplace because you absolutely believe in the elegance it brings to the space, but you know you are not going to make use of it, choose more daring and innovative designs. For example, you can cover the fireplace with ceramic decorations as we have done with Deco Image Dark and Cubik Urban. In both cases, the geometry and the relief of the ceramics focus the attention.

In addition, you can decorate the interior with wood, plants, or candles to achieve greater warmth.


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Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.