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December 20, 2019
Metropolitan by Venis

A return trip with Venis

A time for coming home, for reunions and hugs contained for a long time by distance. Christmas has magic… The magic of getting family and friends who live far away to come back to celebrate the holidays together. Sitting around the table to talk for hours and hours while enjoying a good meal, opening gifts with the same enthusiasm as when you are a child or just being.

Many people wait all year round for this month so that they can experience the feeling of ‘really being home’. However, before that time, you have to travel miles by road, air or rail. Many hours in waiting rooms, too. You have to get back.

It is not always given the importance it has… But these waiting areas have lived many situations and would have many stories to tell.

They have taken in many people who were waiting for the plane or the train and wanted a nice place to sleep, play with their mobile phone or read a book. Every day, hundreds of people can be dragging their suitcases around, clumsy people drop objects on the floor or children decide that it is a good place to paint.

Venis | Floor and Wall Ceramics

For all these reasons, these environments must have special features so that the passage of time is not a problem. Ceramics can be the solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

In the design we bring you today we have used the Metropolitan collection for a train station. On the one hand, we have installed this material outside where the tracks are located as it can withstand any bad weather conditions such as rain, heat or moisture. Of course, the transit of people.

Venis | Metropolitan Caliza

It is a complicated area as it allows little aesthetical variables since it must have essential elements that cannot be changed (tracks, wiring, emergency marks…), which is why it was necessary to opt for the floor.

It is one of the few factors we could choose so we took the opportunity to put the color Caliza.

A light color that looks great on the outside because when the sun’s rays hit it directly, the brightness stands out. In addition, the graphics are subtle (there are no veins or spots that do not ornate) so it will be a discreet space.

Venis | Combined with Starwood

On the other hand, this oxide-finished ceramic has also been installed as the wall covering of the indoor area. This Venis product has been combined with Starwood ceramic wood. The Namibia Nogal Natural model is characterized by its deshading and intensity. A dark color that contrasts with the wall. We have taken advantage of Starwood’s versatility to make the bench from this material, thus giving greater uniformity to the waiting room.

Come | Airport in Russia

Another example we would like to mention is an airport located in Russia where Ferroker Platino and Titanio combined with wood was used. Ferroker has been a premium collection by Venis for more than a decade and conveys an image of hardness and resistance, something very important for spaces with so many people passing through. Over the years, this product remains intact thanks to its easy maintenance.


Porcelanosa’s experience in the ceramic tile manufacturing sector prompted the creation of Venis. As a result, right from the very outset, it succeeded in forging a leading international reputation as a stoneware and porcelain tile manufacturer.


Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.



Venis surge desde la experiencia de Porcelanosa como fabricante cerámico. Por ello, desde el principio, se convierte en una empresa referente a nivel mundial en la fabricación de azulejos, gres y porcelánico.

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Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.

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