Trends Can Nature: The balance between modern and rustic

May 20, 2020
Persa Natural_ Can Nature by Venis

Can Nature: The balance between modern and rustic

Modern and rustic styles can coexist in the same space and become a reference of design. To prove it, in today’s blog we show you Can Nature, a house located in Menorca to which we wanted to give a natural image.

This project was born with the idea of building a place where you can be in contact with all the elements of nature and recover your origins. A place where we can understand our roots and forget for a while the hectic pace of the city.

To do this, we had to create rooms that conveyed calm and peace so neutral and soft colors were a winner. In the same way, we had to choose a floor and wall in accordance with the setting, in other words, one that was directly associated with nature. We looked at several possibilities and in the end, we went for stone, as it is a product that has always been used in the most rural homes.

Persa Natural_Can Nature by Venis

Venis | Persa Collection

Our Persa collection meets all the requirements: elegance, naturalness and easy maintenance. Both on the wall and on the floor, we have installed the Natural color because it is the most subtle and discreet, although it keeps that exclusive brightness and tight relief typical of this series.

In addition, this color, which finds a balance between the range of beige and white, helps us to enhance the width of the space, a vital aspect taking into account that it is an open surface. But why join the kitchen and the living room on this occasion? Because in this way the space was used much more and the room seemed much bigger.

It is also worth mentioning that we have used 100 cm x 100 cm format for the floor and 45 cm x 120 cm for the wall in order to reinforce the feeling of roominess.

All this gives a great feeling of freedom… and that’s how you should feel when you’re in the country, without noise pollution or stress.

Venis | Natural colors

As for the furniture, we have chosen to use natural materials (wood, straw, wicker, fabrics such as linen …) to give a rustic image.  The color touch is given by the cushions and the armchairs in terracotta, an earthy tone.

This line is kept in the bathroom where the accessories such as the towels or the vases are in terracotta color. Here again, wood and wicker are used for the furniture and the spikes with the idea of giving a more natural touch if possible. However, on this occasion, it breaks with the color range of the floor and wall. We have installed Persa Silver because we wanted to give it a more modern look.

Baño Persa Silver_Can Nature by Venis

The fusion between the magic of the rural and the beauty of the most avant-garde trends has resulted in Can Nature. A place where you can enjoy payés bread, grow your own fruit and vegetables and disconnect to reconnect with the new reality.


Porcelanosa’s experience in the ceramic tile manufacturing sector prompted the creation of Venis. As a result, right from the very outset, it succeeded in forging a leading international reputation as a stoneware and porcelain tile manufacturer.


Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.


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Venis surge desde la experiencia de Porcelanosa como fabricante cerámico. Por ello, desde el principio, se convierte en una empresa referente a nivel mundial en la fabricación de azulejos, gres y porcelánico.

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Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.