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June 25, 2020
Verbier Dark by Venis

Ceramic has become the great ally of the hospitality industry. Its properties make it one of the best materials for this type of space that receives hundreds of people every day hoping to enjoy a unique experience.

The eternal durability and resistance of the different ceramic collections presented by Venis has made this industry one of the most important markets for the firm. But why bet on ceramics? Because this type of product offers different advantages that others do not.

First of all, it highlights the continuity that can be achieved with ceramics. It can be used in any environment (reception, bedroom, bathroom, spa, swimming pool, gym, restaurant…) so it is possible to design a whole hotel with the same floor and wall tiles, providing a feeling of uniformity.

Furthermore, there are endless possibilities. Ceramics from wood finish to marble, including cement or oxides. This means that it can be adapted to any style (Scandinavian, contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean…).

Venis | Combining several collections

You can go for a single collection or combine several series. For example, in this case we show you we have combined Indic – ceramic with marble appearance – with Starwood ceramic wood (Tanzania Silver color). A fusion of textures that create a very attractive set.

Indic y Tanzania Silver by Starwood

Also, Venis ceramics are available in large format (100 cm x 100 cm) so they will enhance the width of the spaces and convey a softer feeling (there are not so many joints). This is very important, especially in spaces such as the reception or restaurant.

As you can see in the following picture – in which we have used Vela Smoked 100 cm x 100 cm – the large pieces make it look like a more open space.

Vela Smoked 100 cm x 100 cm

Venis | Durability and resistance

Nevertheless, and regardless of the format, if there is one thing that makes the use of ceramic stand out, it is the durability and resistance it provides. This material withstands high traffic and scratches (people dragging suitcases) without its image being affected.

Therefore, the years will go by and the floor and wall will remain untouched. You can change the furniture or decorative accessories to give it a new image, but you will not need to do so with the ceramic.

Venis | Maintenance

Another benefit of ceramic is its easy maintenance. Now more than ever, cleaning and hygiene are really important so this material will make your work much easier since it does not require any special treatment or chemical products. All you have to do is sweep it up and then clean it with water.

So, you can quickly disinfect the bedroom and bathroom to receive the next guest.

Venis | Elegance and sophistication

Of course, without losing the elegance conveyed by Venis’ ceramic collections. Among others, we highlight the Newport, Verbier and Urban series. The latter – with a cement finish – is available in four different colors so that some will fit perfectly. We have designed a bedroom that is open to the bathroom with Urban Black, which is a commitment to sobriety and luxury. The color touch is guaranteed by the 45 cm x 120 cm Urban Caliza wall covering.

Ceramic to create hotels where you would like to live.

Urban Black_dormitorio y aseo hotel


Porcelanosa’s experience in the ceramic tile manufacturing sector prompted the creation of Venis. As a result, right from the very outset, it succeeded in forging a leading international reputation as a stoneware and porcelain tile manufacturer.


Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.


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Venis surge desde la experiencia de Porcelanosa como fabricante cerámico. Por ello, desde el principio, se convierte en una empresa referente a nivel mundial en la fabricación de azulejos, gres y porcelánico.

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Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.