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November 14, 2019
Restaurante Mirage by Venis

Retro style restaurant and Mirage by Venis quality

Inspired by stone, with an irregular shine adjusted to each piece, and of indisputable quality to withstand high traffic. This is the Mirage collection from Venis that was created two years ago to become one of the great bets of many architects and interior designers because it is a collection with a unique character.

At first glance you can see something special. The main features are the glossy-matte inlays that create the relief and the deshading in the same piece. Depending on the impact of light, this contrast will be more pronounced or more subtle. For example, in a dining room such a glow will not have as much prominence as if we placed it on a terrace where the sun’s rays fall directly.

Venis | For indoors and outdoors

It should be noted that Mirage can be installed both indoors and outdoors as it is waterproof. It will not be affected by rain or moisture.

Its properties also provide supreme strength to withstand high traffic. For this reason, today we want to show you a restaurant that is covered with Mirage as it is a space where many people can come every day, it is exposed to more falling objects and requires daily cleaning.

Venis | Dark Color

We have chosen the Dark color for the floor. We think it is one of the most attractive colors because it is where you can appreciate the sparkles while elegant because black has always been synonymous with luxury.

We have combined Mirage Dark (50 cm x 150 cm) with Mirage Silver to avoid an excessively dark space. The fact that the color of the wall (50 cm x 150 cm format) is light is not accidental; if we put too dark a color next to the window it would produce an aggressive contrast and we do not want that for a place where people are going to relax and enjoy.

In addition, Silver is a color that will always provide brightness and clarity in order to soften the atmosphere. We needed to find the balance, taking into account that the furniture is already eye-catching.

Venis | Vintage furniture

We find the sofas, chairs and armchairs chosen very elegant, but their colours and shapes will attract attention on their own. For the cornered area of the wall, we have selected the round sofas in blue velvet combined with the armchair in red. All with the same upholstery to preserve the aesthetics.

The truth is that these more retro style tables are always a hit because they allow the group of friends / family to have a drink in a very warm atmosphere since they feel more together than in a common table.

In the main area, we keep the vintage style with aquamarine chairs and the curved foot of the table in gold. Designer lamps are a must to achieve a warm light and make lunches or dinners a more private atmosphere.

Restaurante Mirage by Venis

Venis | Different formats

This furniture adapts to the area of the bar which is designed in gold with LED light. This retro style extended throughout the space contrasts with the industrial ceiling. The pipes are visible. Of course, covered in black so as not to lose elegance.

Remember that, in addition to the 50 cm x 150 cm format (new this year), Mirage is also available in: 33.3 cm x 100 cm and 33.3 cm x 59.2 cm for wall tiles and 40 cm x 80 cm, 44.3 cm x 44.3 cm and 59.6 cm x 120 cm for floor tiles.

Restaurante Mirage by Venis


Porcelanosa’s experience in the ceramic tile manufacturing sector prompted the creation of Venis. As a result, right from the very outset, it succeeded in forging a leading international reputation as a stoneware and porcelain tile manufacturer.


Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.



Venis surge desde la experiencia de Porcelanosa como fabricante cerámico. Por ello, desde el principio, se convierte en una empresa referente a nivel mundial en la fabricación de azulejos, gres y porcelánico.

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Apartado postal (P.O Box): 190 12540 Vila-real, Castellón, España.

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